Go-kart races

Speed, team, fans! Everyone is needed, everyone is an essential part of the competition. This is the most venturesome summer event!

Making a GO-KART for an extreme race is a challenge for the whole team. The quality of the assembly can determine the result of the race, and the visual shape can help gain extra very important points, so everyone here is important.

The preparatory works of the track is the second part of the production, because everyone appreciates safety, however at the same time all the obstacles, which display the professionalism of the strongest, have to be put.

The fans have the hardest task, they must amaze everyone with their expressiveness and dressing up, because every point to their team can determine the victory.

Test drives show who has been “cheating” during the assembly, so only the luckiest stand at the starting line. The two-seater GO-CART is being driven not only by the driver but also the assistants pushing it.

The winners bathe in buckets of champagne, because in this race only the strongest succeed in crossing the finish line.

A special flavour can be added with extra tasks.

For an additional price we offer:
• Commentary with a commentator;
• Additional race attributes (team T-shirts, track decorations,…);
• Photographer services;
• Cameraman services.

Recommendation: casual comfortable clothes.

Important: the race is completely safe, because the participants get additional protection and helmets.

Up to 4 hours (briefing, race, awards).

The number of participants is unlimited and has to be divided into teams of 6 to 12 people.

For specific dates, prices and other details call the number 8645 42222

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